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H ave you ever been to Pricesmart in Barbados. You automatically enter and you know where to go for the meat, the vegetables, and the computer equipment. They have organized it in a way that you easily made a mental note of where the general items are located.

What about Super center? You find visible signs letting you know what types of items are in each isle.

When you travel to North America or Europe, the subways / train maps give directions on what routes to take to get to your destination. These same concepts are critical to apply when building a website.

Principle one: ‘Design for the Wayfinding’:

Wodtke and Govella, 2009 mentions that way finding is allowing a target market to know: 1. where they are on your website; 2. where the items are located when they come to your website and ; 3. what must they do to get to their destination;     Before, a webmaster focused more on a homepage (which described everything about a business) rather than all the web pages . Today, you have to treat every website page as your homepage because of search results. When someone searches for information,   a search do not always display the home page in the results but any web page from the website.  Each web page has to be well organized and labeled  to facilitate better user experience.What makes this more exciting, you have to know if your customers are using desktop or mobile or both. Therefore, you have to plan the blueprints needed accordingly.Web analytics is a great tool in understanding your target audience and deciding how to plan for them.

Wodtke and Govella, 2009 from the book ‘Information Architecture Blueprints for the Web’describes the fundamental rules of thumb for IA

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